FAQ Sheet - The Lost Tribes of Israel

Hallstatt,Austria. Home of a major iron age Celtic archeological site

The story of the The Lost Tribes of Israel is a fascinating one. Tangled in myth, mysticism and tradition, plus cultural and religious self-interest, they were believed lost to history for a designated time. However, the Lost Tribes "Lost" time is over, and the implications of their "return" are profound.

This FAQ is a detailed source of reference information about the Israelites in general, and the Lost Tribes / Celts / Europeans & Americans / Christians in particular. What follows are questions posed to the author over the years, and answers taken from that correspondence.

Before using this FAQ --->>> PLEASE <<<--- read the 3-minute introduction.


  1. What is a Hebrew?
  2. What is a Semite?
  3. What is an Israelite?
  4. What is a Jew?
  5. What is a Gentile?
  6. What is a Celt?
  7. What are Proto-Celts?
  8. What is a Barbarian?
  9. Under Construction


  1. What is the House of Israel/Northern Kingdom?
  2. What is the House of Judah/Southern Kingdom?
  3. What was the Davidic Kingdom?
  4. Who are "The Lost Tribes" of Israel?
  5. Who are the Khazars?
  6. Why do Celts and Jews look so much alike?
  7. About the Assyrian Tablets in the British Museum
  8. What is the "Covenant Blessing"?
  9. What is the "Great Nation" promise?
  10. Who are the "Lost Sheep" of the House of Israel?
  11. Why didn't the Celtic Empire defeat the Roman Empire?
  12. Where (and what) is Hallstatt?
  13. Where (and what) is La Tene?
  14. What language did the Celts speak?
  15. What is the "Restoration" Promise"?
  16. What is the "Blessing" promise?
  17. Under Construction
  18. What did Ancient Celts look like?
  19. What are "British Israelites" and "Identity People"?
  20. What does the phrase "dry bones" refer to?
  21. Under Construction
  22. What does the Hosea reference have to do with the Celts?
  23. How do Christians and Jews feel about this Celtic/Israelite "Theory"?
  24. Who are God's "Chosen People"?
  25. Who Was Joseph Of Arimathea?
  26. How many Israelites were/are there?
  27. What does modern Genetics say about this?
  28. About Ancient Travel
  29. Under Construction
  30. For Additional Reading



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