What was the Davidic Kingdom?

David took over rulership of the large and contentious but weak Kingdom of Israel from Saul in 1010 BC and quickly built it into "perhaps the single most powerful kingdom on earth at that time". (REF: Halley's Bible Handbook.) 

These combined Israelites made up about 10% of the global population of 50 Million people. (If compared to today's 6 Billion world population, these Israelites relative population size was over twice as large as the United States of America today! This in a very thinly populated world with only 1/100 the number of people as today.)

Following the death of David and Solomon the Tribes split into a Northern Kingdom of Israel, (taking with it 10 tribes plus the Title Kingdom Of Israel along with the birthright promises), and a Southern Kingdom of Judah (which took 3 tribes and the scepter promises). 

The new Kingdom of Israel had about half again as many Israelites as the Kingdom of Judah at that time. This ratio increases spectacularly over time as the Kingdom of Israel experiences normal population growth but the Kingdom of Judah shrivels to it's tiny size today.

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