British Israelites, et al

Many British Israelites, White Supremacists and other so-called 'identity people' make the mistake of thinking there are few or no Jews, only Khazarites. They do correctly identify Northern Kingdom Israelites in Britain and America, but many of them believe these are the only remaining true Israelites. They usually trivialize or ignore the far greater number of Northern Kingdom Israelites who make up the majority of Northern and Western Europe.

Many Jews believe there are no Lost Tribes of Israel. They think the huge Northern Kingdom was assimilated into the smaller Southern Kingdom after the Assyrian captivity. They don't acknowledge that only a small percentage of Israelites were ever called Jews, and those came only from the Southern Kingdom, barely existing today as less than 15 Million among their One Billion white European and American cousins.

The truth lies somewhere between these two extreme and historically unsupported positions.

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