The Restoration of Israel - Hosea 1:10-11

Yet the number of the children of Israel

These Children of Israel are the Northern Kingdom. The Royal Name of ISRAEL went exclusively with the Northern Kingdom when the Kingdoms split in dissention in 922 BC. The name JUDAH went with the Southern Kingdom. 

After their Assyrian captivity, the Northern Kingdom became known in history as The Lost Tribes of Israel according to God's promise to them as punishment for disobedience. (The Southern Kingdom received it's own punishment for disobedience, including their Babylonian captivity.)

Then, with the dawn of archeology and a continuous stream of Bible confirming discoveries the  Children of Israel became known as The Celts, who became the Europeans and Americans, who are the backbone of Christianity today.

shall be as the sand of the sea which cannot be measured or numbered. 

The Northern Kingdom did indeed become huge, one of the major global population groups.  The combined number of Celtic Europeans and Americans and those living elsewhere is about One Billion people.  

The Southern Kingdom continued to decline in numbers and never became a large population group by world standards. Only 500,000 went into the Babylonian captivity and to become known as Jews. Only 50,000 returned to Jerusalem. 

And it shall come to pass in the place where it was said to them "You are not My people," There it shall be said to them "You are sons of the living God." 

These Lost Tribes of Israel are certainly regarded as being "not My people".  How could they be both lost and be "chosen"?  But it is now also being said "You are the sons of the living God."  Times are changing and eyes are being opened as prophesy is being fulfilled.

Then the children of Judah and the children of Israel 

It is impossible to ignore this clean, crisp distinction between the children of Judah (Southern Kingdom, with Jews as their successors) and the children of Israel (Northern Kingdom with Celtic as their successors.)  The "lost tribes" cannot have been "assimilated" back into the smaller Southern Kingdom, nor into their Assyrian captors, or into the Medes or Persians, or any other historic excuse to keep them lost if they are going to be gathered together in the next verse.

shall be gathered together 

They have been gathering back together in Celtic Europe for a long time, and the largest Jewish communities outside the nation Israel today are in Celtic America.

The gathering together is also happening in old Palestine right now in the new nation which has taken the name ISRAEL, rather than ZION, which was widely anticipated. It is important that we do not confuse the name of this modern nation with the history of the Israelites for they are not quite the same. The nation Israel is not the people Israel as the most superficial examination will show.

The Children of Israel (mostly Europeans and Americans) via the Balfour Declaration and massive ongoing financial infusions from CELTIC America are making possible this important recovery of Abraham's land. It is currently being occupied primarily by the children of Judah.

and appoint for themselves one head; 

Still to happen sometime in the future.

And they shall come up out of the land 

Meanwhile, the migrations to Celtic lands, and to the modern nation named Israel, continue.

For great will be the day of Jezreel!   (Israel)

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