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The past few decades have produced much good Biblical research and analysis regarding The Lost Tribes of IsraelBut as with so much other Biblical analysis, too many subsequent conclusions take on legalistic or narrow British Israelite tones. I do not wish to be associated with religious or cultural legalism, or Identity Theology, in any way.

However, with that strong caveat, the following sites (among others) do contain much useful background and supplemental information from which you can draw your own conclusions. Some sites have outstanding charts, illustrations and maps. Others have excellent historic analysis. Without endorsing any sites, you may find some information in some of the following sites of value in your continuing study.  (Be careful ...)

1) The "hands down" best starting point for study and continuing reference is this small book by E. Raymond Capt:  Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets.

2) For excellent maps, charts, genealogy, and Biblical citations:  Christian Churches of God.

3) Much interesting reading from British theologians. Some is speculative, some is well documented at:  Orange Street Congregational Church.

4) For one Jewish perspective: BRIT-AM.

5) Interesting wide ranging site

6) Series of taped lectures related to The Lost Tribes by Dr. Gene Scott. (Bad links!)



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